Ways to Recycle & Show Love for the Planet

Climate change and our effect on the environment is one of the primary concerns in society today.

Ranking equally, if not more so, important to our concern over Covid-19.

Both threatening to life.

Both, if not past, then certainly at, the time of action.

It is this sense of urgency, which increases as the scientific data comes in indicating a rise in global warming, that drives us to take what steps we can to help relieve some of the burden we place on the planet.

By recycling we show our love for the environment and the world.

The UK Government signed in the ‘household waste recycling’ act in 2003 mandating the provision of recycling bins for individual households.

Individuals and businesses have taken some of their own measures alongside the government ones.

Almost half of all households recycle.

A number which continues to grow.

And we also find other interesting ways to make a difference.

Whilst the bins provided have given us easy access to the basic tenants of recycling it has taken some interesting thinking to get us not just sending items to the recycling plant but doing the recycling ourselves.

Ways We Recycle

There is no limit to our creativity when it comes to recycling.

From furniture, to works of art, to saving and harvesting rainwater, we have taken what once would have been waste or went to the landfill and turned it into a thing of beauty, practicality, or both.

You can find quilts made from metal, chandeliers from broken glass, purses from vinyl records, sculptures from materials of various kinds.

It looks like the only limit to your recycling potential is your mind.

Artist Clare Graham who ‘uses recycled materials to make sculptures and furniture’ believes:

“When you give [recycled materials] the signifier of being arranged in a certain way as art, people sort of get it and they realize that it all doesn’t have to go into a trash can. It can become something else and have further use.”

Upcycling & Repurposing

Repurposed or upcycled furniture is another way in which recycling has really taken off.

What began as something an individual would do for themselves has grown into quite a market.

You can even find reclaimed wood for sale.

Upcycled items have become increasingly requested, and if this Wikipedia entry is anything to go by, massively so.

‘Upcycling has shown significant growth across the United States and the world,’ it says.

‘For example, the number of products on Etsy, Pinterest or Upcycle Studio tagged with the word ‘upcycled’ increased from about 7,900 in January 2010 to nearly 30,000 a year later. ‘An increase of 275%’.

‘As of April 2013, that number stood at 263,685, an additional increase of 879%’!

That was over 7 years ago.

You can image how much more the popularity of upcycled items have become.

You’ll even find them in top quality furniture stores alongside some of the more traditionally made items as interest in upcycled furniture from reclaimed wood and other materials continues to rise.

The ways to recycle are limitless and there is plenty of inspiration out there.

Even if you don’t want to, or are not inclined to, get creative, you can always find straightforward government advice to help you ensure you are taking the correct measures when it comes to the basics of your recycling duty.

From the correct disposal of garden and food waste, to the placement of plastic, cardboard, and glass in the correct bin, these littles things go some way in helping to save the environment.

Each little recycling action shows a little love and care for the greatest home of all. The Earth.