Utilising Space – The Quest For Efficiency In Your Home

Even if you don’t to begin with, after a few years in your home, you will, at some stage, start to look at the space available to you.

More correctly maybe, the space not available to you as you, and possibly your family, have grown.

What is without question is that making the best use of the space in your home is something we will consider at one time or another.

For most of us this isn’t a consideration when it comes to the architectural design of our home.

We move into an already completed building.

The best option left to us is how to utilise that space with maximum efficiency.

Ways To Maximise Space In Your Home

There are some great ways to maximise the space in your home and you can find some great ideas like in Buzzfeed’s ‘Tiny House Hacks To Maximise Your Space’ for example.

Ideas suggested include, getting floor to ceiling bookshelves, making multi-purpose rooms, adding a loft, utilising the space under the stairs, using semi-opulent materials to allow light into windowless rooms etc.

The type of furniture you have can also help.

Instead of having a bedroom with a bed and cupboards you could opt for a divan bed with cupboards effectively built into it.

There is quite a range of space saving furniture out there to help you get the most suitable piece for you.

Good Housekeeping magazine also gives some great advice to help maximise space by decluttering your home and increasing the efficiency of the spaces you have.

For the kitchen they advise using hooks underneath cupboards to store saucepans.

In the bedroom a classic divan type bed.

A portable bathroom caddie for the bathroom.

There are a number of ideas suggested for your inspiration.

Making Space

Sometimes you have maximised all the space available to you.

You can’t create something out of nothing so the only option left is to make more space.

Chief amongst the making space options are loft conversions and extensions.

Loft conversions, which range in type and price, would be the least expensive of the two options.

They are a great way for making lots of instant space and usually out of an area rarely used.

Putting an extension on your home is the more expensive option but it does give you lots of options and provides lots of valuable space.

From a conservatory, to extra office or room space, an extension will also add value to your home.

Moving Elsewhere

Sometimes, despite your best efforts at maximising your available space and increasing the efficiency of your home, there comes a stage where there just isn’t enough space.

Extension or loft conversions are out of the equation.

Your only real choice is to move somewhere else.

When moving to that bigger house you could implement your space-saving efficiency methods from the very beginning.

If you are fortunate enough to have a say in the design of your home you could have the added benefit of being able to incorporate such space-saving ideas into it.

Build that cupboard space underneath the stairwell, have built-in wardrobes, convert the loft to begin with.

The options are many and subject to your particular wants and ideas.

Getting the most out of our homes is something we all want.

And when that home contains lots of stuff, from people to things, we want to make sure we use our homes as efficiently as possible.

We want to maximise our available space and ensure our home feels uncluttered and free.

From the many ideas available to achieve just that it seems utilising our space well is something that matters to a lot of us.