Top 10 Countries to Purchase An Overseas Property in 2019

Many different people will choose a variety of reasons for why they want to buy property in exotic countries.

For various reasons people have chosen to purchase abroad for more affordable property rates.

This article outlines and analyses the most popular countries that are listed online where many people have chosen to live.

Our rankings are based on experiences from other people and information we have gained.

Now if you want the top 10 list for the greatest places to move abroad continue reading below to read our list and the reviews of each place listed below.

Plane Flying Over Freight Ship


If you are seeking a lifestyle that is bathed in sunlight and warm summers then you may decide that Spain is a top place and a holiday hot spot.

It is common for property values to be around £117,000 and the property prices are continuing to rise.

This is a rather low price for those seeking sunshine and fair prices for property.

People who move to Spain typically go to places such as Torrevieja, Camposol, Estepona and Villamartin as well as Murcia’s Condado de Alhama which is known for golfing.

The UK has a large number of removals firms that have depots in both the UK and in various locations around the Spanish provinces, so finding a suitable mover who deals in removals to Spain should be a fairly painless task.


Another excellent location that many people choose is to purchase in France.

For those home buyers seeking full-time or retirement property this is a popular location where holiday homes are common.

The average property price is around £137,000 and it is very affordable.

You may have to compromise your space or location but property at these prices can go a long way.

Popular locations include Brittany as well as Morbihan.


This is known to be a comfortable and relaxing location and it also offers great tax benefits.

It is not a budget based option but a typical property has an asking price of above £220,000.

People who have larger budgets embrace this beautiful country and the prices will continue to rise.

Many people have decided to make a full-time transition to Portugal.

Becoming a resident is incredibly easy and the lifestyle is affordable and a great getaway.


Despite the large problems with debt this country is a beautiful location that provides a lifestyle that many people dream of.

There are many properties available for sale in comparison to smaller locations and Crete is known as a popular island.

This island features many flights and luxuries that one must experience.

The top locations to purchase property include Agios Nikolaos as well as Elounda, Apokoronas, Neapoli and Corfu.

This is a worldwide destination and provides you with Mediterranean sun and comfort that can’t be found in other locations around the world.


Many people quickly fall in love with all that is Italy and what it offers.

It is known for it’s hospitality and absolutely beautiful and stunning stone houses that can be renovated and built even better.

The property prices have actually dropped since last year and the average price for a home is around £254,000.

This country has many different regions and landscapes that offer a variety of cultures and cuisine.

People typically choose beach homes in Calabria’s Scalea as well as Tuscany, and Ostuni.


Cyprus is a beautiful island that is economically growing and it is widely popular.

The average property prices are around £133,000 and they are steadily climbing.

This is a beautiful location with lots to do and many people choose it as a place to relax and unwind.


The state of Florida is known for its endless sun, numerous beaches and friendly culture.

So it’s unsurprising to learn that thousands of British expatriates decide to the move to the USA from UK every year.

The property market is growing steadily and your budget will be larger for this place too.

The average price of property sits at around £385,000.

There are plenty of dreamy locations and places to visit and enjoy.

There are many theme parks, shopping malls, sports facilities, business districts and more.

There are plenty of locations that are great including Davenport and Kissimmee.

Other great locations include the city of Orlando as well as the community of Reunion and the Windermere areas too.


This is a popular location and has many different beach front communities that feature British citizens.

There are plenty of great locations to visit which include Ovacik, Hisaronu, Uzumlu, Calis, Yalikavak and Bodru.

The price of living there has increased as well and the average price for property is around £83,000.

If you are on a budget this can be a driving motivator to find a home away from home in Turkey.


This is an amazing country and it has a very price based market with the average property reaching around £58,000.

Many people love this country for its seaside towns and ski resorts.

Many people will choose to live in the province of Veliko Tarnovo. Other locations that many people choose include Dryanovo, Pavlikeni, Polski Trambesh as well as Elena.


This is a top choice among British citizens for it’s wonderful tropic atmosphere and the beautiful sun and sandy beaches.

There are many different locations people choose to buy in that include Westmoreland, Holetown and Sandy Lane as well as Speightstown.

The typical price for a home in this area will cost around £343,000 and this country is our number one choice for British citizens looking to escape.


This concludes our list of the top 10 countries to buy a vacation home or to immigrate too.

This list has been carefully reviewed and under analysis these are the top locations around the world that people choose.

Researching these countries has lead us to detailed information that has led to these locations being our favourites.

If you are seeking to escape the confines of England and move into a different area with different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles these are the top choices.

Visiting each of these countries in advance to see how you feel by booking a trip with your local travel agency is your best first action.

The average prices of properties were analysed based on 2018 figures and they can possibly change.

Living in a different country is something that many people can only dream of and by following our suggestions you will not make a wrong decision.

We recommend you travel these locations and put them in your to-do list and one day we are sure you will call one of these stunning countries your very own home.