Next Day vs Standard – Is Speed Of Delivery Important?

The world moves. And it moves fast.

Almost everything we do involves trying to make it faster, smoother, better.

We want some things to happen

And we want them to happen now.

Ordering something online is no different.

We want to be able to order something quickly and efficiently and we want it to arrive in the same manner.

Speed of delivery is important.

A unfortunate drawback of that is our ever increasing impatience.

The quicker things become.

The quicker we want them to be.

For that reason the quickest delivery is always going to win out over a slower one.

A quick delivery may not necessarily be an instantaneous one. Sometimes things take time.

The Fastest Delivery

The quickest delivery you are going to make online is a digital purchase.

In this case the only possible slow factor may be your internet speed.

Even with that you would probably only be delaying the transaction, from purchase to delivery, by a matter of seconds or minutes.

I think we could all muster the patience for that delivery easily enough.

Next in line would be your fast food outlets.

The pizza delivery person.

Obviously, this delivery is going to be time sensitive.

Usually it needs to be delivered hot and despite some thermal insulation measures time is still of the essence as heat is being lost.

Dominoes once ran an ‘under 30 minutes and it’s free’ campaign.

Pizza Hut has a ‘speed guarantee’ where it promises they ‘will do everything we can to ensure that your online delivery order… is delivered to the nominated delivery address in under thirty minutes or at such time as selected by you in the event of a future order, where such selected time is at least 30 minutes after the order is received by us’.

Nando’s provides you with an estimated delivery time from the time you checkout on your online delivery.

Average Times

The average delivery time for bigger or harder to get products ranges according to the availability of the product, how far it has to travel, and the method by which it is shipped or posted.

Amazon delivers in roughly 3 to 5 days.

Royal Mail can reach Europe in 3 to 5 days and worldwide in 5 to 7 working days.

Some deliveries coming from far away like China may take weeks, and in worse cases months.

Next-Day Delivery

Next-day delivery is one of the big results of our increasing patience.

Before technology was really a thing a simple letter could take a week or two to arrive.

We were ok with that.

It was what we were used to.

Then technology got better, things moved faster, we moved faster, and everything else had to move with us.

While the standard 3 to 5 day delivery may be ok for some.

For others it is not.

Some people have a greater sense of urgency.

It might be essential to have a particular item as quickly as possible or it might just be that we have no patience to speak of and because we have paid for something we want to have it.

Because of this, next-day delivery was born.

The importance of having next-day delivery as an option can be seen in the many big names who offer that service.

From Next to Very, John Lewis, to Amazon, competition is fierce.

Most companies will charge an additional fee for the extra speed of service but there are some who offer a free next-day delivery service.

As with all offers of this type there are usually a few basic requirements to qualify like ordering before a certain time etc.

Unquestionably we can say that speed of delivery is important to us and indeed increasingly appears to be so.

There will come a time when a delivery can’t be made any quicker. Whether we have reached that time is still up for debate.