How to Keep a Persian Rug in Perfect Condition

One of the main objectives of home decor is to combine functionality, comfort, and aesthetics in furniture, accessories, and textiles.

One of the more decorative accessories that most assist in “dressing” a house are carpets, especially Persian rugs since they are exquisite with very original designs and colours.

Due to the elegance of a Persian rug, it is essential that you take care of them well, so they remain as beautiful as the first day you bought the rug many years down the line.

A well-maintained rug can pass from generation to generation and resist the damage of the passing years.

Here I will give you some tips on how to take care of a Persian carpet, so it always looks in good condition:


Do not clean the rug only when it is stained.

It must be treated and cleaned periodically to keep it well preserved, on top and underneath.


It is recommended that for the carpet to last longer, you place a mat below it, so it is protected from dirt and wrinkles.

In addition, using an underlay means it will wear less by not being in constant contact with the ground.


Run a brush from time to time on both sides to prevent dust from accumulating and the possibility of moths.

Do it in the direction of the wool so that there are no loose strands since holes or unevenness can form.


Rotate the carpet every three or four months so that it does not always wear out in the same place since we usually step on the same spots.

Turning it will keep it from looking crushed in one place and unspoiled in another. This way, it will remain balanced.

Girl Reading Book on Persian Rug

When the Rug Loses Its Colour

Wear and direct sun wear caused by excessive UV exposure “eats” the colour of Oriental carpets.

If your carpet has lost its original colour, you can rekindle it with one of these three simple homemade tricks that are very easy and effective. Take note:

With Sea Salt

Mix in a bowl a handful of salt and water to form a paste.

Spread it on the carpet and let it dry.

Then, rub with a brush to get deep into the wool and remove the remains with the vacuum cleaner.


Better hot, is another effective remedy.

Rub the surface of the carpet with a cotton cloth impregnated with vinegar.

Leave on for a few minutes and run a dry cloth over the surface before vacuuming.

If the carpet is dark, you can spread slightly moist coffee grounds.

Simply remove them once they have dried.