Benefits of Owning a Timber Framed Carport

Carports Keep Your Vehicles Safe, Secure & Dry All Year Round

Have you been thinking of purchasing a carport? Within this article, we will outline the positive attributes and benefits that a carport provides. We have listed the features they offer below and we will show you how a carport can create a safe, covered addition to your home to park your car as well as for adding extra resale value to your home. Continue reading below for all the benefits you will appreciate using a carport.

To begin with keeping your vehicle covered and protected from the elements will protect it from weather damage such as paint fading from the hot sun all the way to snow and hail damage in colder months. You can maintain the value of your vehicle even more so by harnessing the use of a carport.

Speaking of colder winter months, when your vehicle is protected by a carport, you will not have to spend the extra time during snowy and icy winters scraping ice off of your windshields and shovelling snow off of your entire vehicle. Think about how much time and frustration this will save you in the winter. You won’t have to spend the extra ten to fifteen minutes in the morning doing these undesirable tasks.

Small Blue Garden Shed
There Are Some Stunning Carport Designs Available on the Market. Image credit: Houzz

Another added benefit of a carport is that they are cost-effective and inexpensive compared to a garage. They give your vehicle the protection it needs without the large expenses associated with building and using a garage. If you are on a budget but require the same protection from the weather for your vehicle at the fraction of the expense of a garage, a carport is your optimum solution.

Another added benefit of using timber carports is that they are not just for cars. You can store anything from motorcycles, sport utility vehicles, RV’s, trucks, boats, and trailers among other things. This will protect these items and give them the added protection of being parked beside the house rather than out down on the street. You can also use your carport space as a sheltered outdoor entertaining area where you can host events like BBQs and get-togethers with family and friends.

Your choices are unlimited with where you can position your carport, unlike a garage. You can place it anywhere you desire allowing that you can park your car under it. You can use it as an extension to the garage you already have or as an extension to your home as a covered outdoor entertaining area as well.

Another wonderful benefit of using a carport is the added safety that it offers. You can place it next to a front door so elderly or single homeowners do not have to travel far from their car to their front door. This gives the homeowner the added comfort and safety being much closer to their home and less vulnerable while getting in and out of their vehicles.

Constructing a Car Port Frame
A Carport Can Be Erected in a Matter of Hours. Image credit: Donnies Home Services

The last feature we will address is that adding a carport can easily add home resale value to your property. Your prospective buyers will find your property more usable and attractive with a carport and when it comes to finding buyers installing a carport will act as an added incentive for buyers looking to purchase your home.

There are many different options available when it comes to purchasing or building a carport. We suggest that prior to going ahead with installing a carport that you check with your local authority regarding planning permission beforehand so you are not left disappointed. There are two options when it comes to installing a carport. You can build one yourself or you can purchase a prefabricated unit. Ideally, you want your carport to blend in with the architecture of your home and choosing a design and colour scheme that highlights your home will be best. It is suggested that you browse the internet and look at the different options available for your home. They can be built from almost anything including materials such as brick, wood, and aluminium.

The added comfort that a carport offers is second to none and it is much less costly than building a garage. When it comes to building a garage you will generally have to follow municipal laws and hire contractors which is costly. Another thing about garages is that they require a lot more material and space which could be a problem if you were to be on a budget. The last benefit that we will share with you of carports is the fact that you do not have to spend any extra money on electricity, unlike a garage. Overall you will appreciate a carport and if you are thinking of installing one now is the time to get started.


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