5 No-Fail Rules for Alluring Lashes

It has often been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so keeping those windows beautifully accessorised is important to stay fresh and beautiful.

Today’s fashion and makeup trends such as lash extensions are focusing more and more on maintaining stunning lashes that speak volumes regarding bright, open, gorgeous eyes.

If you cannot afford extensions, there are other ways to help preserve your lashes and keep them in great condition.

Curl Those Lashes

Often overlooked as an essential beauty trick, using an eyelash curler should be a crucial part of an overall lash regimen.

When choosing a curler, make sure you opt for a product that provides a gentle, upward curl.

This gives a dramatic look that is not overdone.

Always curl before applying mascara to avoid clumping and sticking, and always start at the base of the lash while using a subtle, pumping motion to gently move toward the end of the lash.

Then follow with a high-quality mascara for a glamorous effect.

Let Lashes Cure Between Mascara Layer Applications

This step requires the utmost patience, which can be hard to do if you are running late and just need to get out the door.

However, avoiding this step and applying multiple layers in a hurry, will only give you a clumpy, overly applied product that is far from attractive.

Apply one layer, then move on to apply cheek colour or lip colour, then return to my lashes and apply a second coat.

Bonus Tip: When choosing a mascara, look for one that has a wand that allows for complete separation of each lash. I, personally, like plastic wands that are not brush-like. These wands are much easier to clean which helps me avoid clumping when layering. In addition, plastic wands make layering my mascara a lot easier to accomplish with professional-looking results.

A Lash Comb Is Your Best Friend

Eyelashes are hair, and hair needs to be combed.

It is true, especially on those days when clumping just seems to be a problem no matter how much care you take to avoid it.

A metal-toothed lash comb can stand up to tough mascara clumps without bending or breaking.

The key here is to comb the lashes between layers.

This ensures each lash is evenly coated and perfectly aligned for a beautiful result.

Never Mix & Match Products

We all love to mix and match our outfits.

It means that we have twice as many looks in the closet.

However, regarding mascara, mixing and matching is never acceptable.

All mascara brands are not created equal and could, therefore, react differently when mixed and create intense clumping.

Find a mascara that is right for you by trying out different brands.

You might find you like the product of one brand, but the wand of another brand.

The key here is to completely wash and remove all traces of the other product off the wand you like and use it with the mascara you prefer.

That is the only type of mix and match that is suitable on lashes.

Eyelashes Deserve a Treat Too

The condition of eyelashes is often overlooked and, therefore, lashes will tend to be thin and unkempt.

However, with just a little bit of care and conditioning, lashes will flourish and be stronger and longer than ever before.

There are primer products that act as a good base for mascara applications.

Smooth on the primer before applying mascara so that the application goes on more evenly.

Furthermore, there are several lash conditioner products on the market that provide the nourishment needed to grow longer, thicker lashes.

These products are primarily used at night and take a few weeks to see results, but lashes will be healthier than ever and look amazing.