4 Common Sky Digibox Issues & How To Fix Them

A Troubleshooting Guide for Sky+HD Digibox Users

Are you having technical problems with your Sky Digibox? Within this article, we will share with you troubleshooting tips to repair the most common errors and faults on this popular device.

Sky No Satellite Signal On Screen Message
The Commonly Seen “No Satellite Signal” Screen. Image credit: Sky

Issues with Freeze Frames

Sometimes users have reported that they have encountered frozen frames on some certain TV channels on their Sky box. Sometimes certain channels will freeze because of the broadcasting frequency sent by satellite are too weak or the customer is attempting to watch Sky television channels abroad. You may end up needing to buy a bigger Sky satellite dish to get those channels and feeds working properly. If you have problems like receiving a “No Satellite Signal” on certain channels but not all of them, you may need to purchase a larger satellite dish.

But if you are having an issue with all the frames freezing on all your channels you will need to reset your Sky digital box or you may have to update the software instead. If these two solutions do not work then we suggest you may have to change the alignment of your Sky satellite dish that is installed on your property. You may need to change the position or angle to get the frames to unfreeze and provide the correct feed on your screen. Another tip we suggest is that you never put anything on top of your Sky digibox as they are heat sensitive and if they overheat, you will have issues with the overall performance of your device.

Problems Switching Channels

You may encounter the problem of a certain channel not working while all your other channels work without any issues. We suggest you try another channel and wait it out for a few minutes. Give the problem channel some time and then try to connect with it again. This sometimes happens as a glitch but then again it could be a problem with the network coverage ability.

Sometimes bad weather will affect your satellite signal and that will reduce the ability to use channels and will also affect the picture quality of your TV. If you are going through a storm and are having problems with your TV signal we suggest that you just wait for the storm to be over. If this is not the case you can always check the service status. Sometimes network outages happen and there could be one in your area. If this is the case all you can do is wait for the interruption to be fixed. If there is no bad weather or reported service disconnections then we suggest you try to reboot your Skybox and check the cable connections as well.

How to Reset your Sky Digibox

  1. Press the standby button on your remote control. If your Sky box has recording capacity wait for the Hard Drive to stop which takes around a minute of time.
  2. Turn off your Sky Box, TV and all connected hardware.
  3. Make sure the lights on the Sky box are turned off and then switch off the mains. Do not remove the small power plug cord out of the back of the box as you can cause serious damage to the device and circuitry.
  4. Look at the back of your digital box and be sure that your HDMI and SCART cables are attached to the tv and Sky box device.
  5. To do a complete reboot we suggest you wait 5 minutes with everything turned off. Once you have waited 5 minutes, turn it back on. The lights will turn back on after a couple of minutes.
  6. On the front of the Sky box press the Backup button and turn on the power.
  7. Continue holding the backup button until the LED lights turn back on.
  8. When your Sky box switches to Standby which will take 10 minutes or so, do another reboot of your device without pressing the button.
  9. Grab your remote control and press Sky and go back to the channel you were having issues with. This should fix any issues with problem channels however if you still have problems it could be because of a problematic LNB which is connected to the satellite dish itself that is connected to your home.
Sky Set Top Box Stuck on Standby Yellow Light
It is very common for Sky digiboxes to get stuck on standby mode. Image credit: Digi Repairs

Your Sky Box Won’t Shift from ‘Standby’ Mode

If the red light is on and won’t switch to the green light active mode on your device this problem is referred to as being on standby. To solve this issue we suggest you try this method:

  1. Turn off the mains of the box.
  2. Wait for the lights of the box to shut off.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and then restart the box using the remote control.

If that does not fix the problem follow the instructions below to reset your box. By resetting your box you will end up deleting all recorded shows and movies.

  1. Shut off the mains.
  2. Push in the left and right arrow keypad buttons on the remote control.
  3. Press those buttons for around a minute until you see blue or green lights on the box light up on the front panel.
  4. Let go of the right and left buttons and press the select button on the remote control two times.
  5. When all the lights shut off it means the box has gone through a reboot.
  6. You should only see the red light showing on your Sky box.
  7. Wait around three minutes and then turn on the Sky box with your remote control to see if the issue is fixed.

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