3 Eyebrow Shaping Treatments & Tints for a Perfect Polished Look

Perfectly arched, complementary coloured eyebrows subtract years from the face and create a polished look.

Perfectly shaped brows are critical to a flawless look.

Eyebrows raise the eyes, emphasising a mirthful twinkle, and expressing personality.

A well-groomed, cocked eyebrow sends a strong message.

And a well-shaped, flatteringly tinted eyebrow adds to a youthful appearance.

It is often mentioned how screen stars popular in the 1940s and 1950s look so much older than today’s stars.

One reason is that the sparse, dark, painted-on brows popular in the ’40s pulled the face down, adding years.

There is another reason for maintaining the eyebrow’s natural shape and avoiding excess plucking.

Besides improving appearance, eyebrows function to prevent excess moisture from dripping into the eyes.

The arched shape of eyebrows allows sweat and raindrops to move down the side of the eyes rather than into them.

Diverting the sweat is also beneficial because the salt in sweat can irritate and sting the eyes.

Salon Services

In terms of spa services, shaping, waxing, threading, tinting, and even tattooing eyebrows are some of the best beauty buys available.

Eyebrow services also comprise some of the fastest services.

Within 15 minutes, a trained stylist can transform pale or grey, straggly or bushy brows into perfect arches that complement hair colour and skin tone.

When combining services, the extra 15 minutes spent on eyebrows are time and money well spent.

Natural Tints

Eyebrow grooming services are available for both women and men.

With aging, eyebrows might sprout coarse white hairs years before or after head hair starts to grey.

Artfully coloured, tinted eyebrows subtract years from the face.

With the correct tone, eyebrows can make hair enhanced with highlights or colour more natural.

Better than makeup, youthful eyebrows can make the morning face look refreshed.

At selected salons, eyebrow tints are plant-based and non-irritating.

Unlike head hair, eyebrows take up plant dyes quickly.

Full tinting takes less than 5 minutes and typically lasts for about four months.

Besides hiding grey, eyebrows can be lightened or darkened to complement hair colour.

The goal of eyebrow services is to augment nature.

Perfect Arches

A good stylist knows how to guide eyebrows into a complementary shape with a perfect arch.

Most stylists note that most of their clients tend to pluck eyebrows too aggressively, causing thin, straggly brows.

Thus, eyebrow treatments at spas tend to serve as coaching sessions.

With the proper guidelines, clients learn how to maintain a well-groomed eyebrow shape between spa visits.

For younger clients, one session with a top eyebrow stylist is often enough to get them on the right path to proper eyebrow grooming and a polished look.